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A review on Simone Albers’ “Myriad Ways of Being”

Making art with microorganisms / Interview with Ieva Maslinskaitė

Artists hiding out ( ) in the Mountain

Hoogtij #74 – A journey through alleyways, bureacracy and The Hague

The Archive is present in design’s futures

Forms of Life with Hilma af Klint and Piet Mondrian

Queering, Languaging, Bodying – in conversation with Alice Slyngstad & Oliver Doe

Unearthing the turf – Excavating KABK’s buried plaster treasure

Springboard Art Fair

Bermuda Open Studios

Peas and Carrots_ – One Nest Stand #32

Death by landscape – insights on welding new worlds

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts to heal the wounds

EtchingRoom1 – drawing on the edge during wartime

The Strangeness of Clay

Three Birds, No Stone, One Academy

Katerina Sidorova – The Crowd, The Square and The Police

HIDE OUT studio & project space @ De Besturing

Venice Biennale 2022 – The Milk of Dreams

Lost in Bermuda Open Studios The Hague

Stroom Invest interview / artist Gabriela Acha

Stroom invest interview / artist Thijs Jaeger

Stroom Invest interview / artist Alejandra López

Stroom invest interview / artist Shani Leseman

Stroom Invest interview / artist Leonie Brandner

Stroom Invest interview / artist Alexander Webber

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Katerina Sidorova

Stroom Invest interview / artist Jiajia Qi

There You Are – Bulgaria in Venice

Stroom Invest interview / artist Jan Dirk Adams

Tension and art in a world of absurdity with artist Sergei Prokofiev

Artists support Ukraine

“An alphabetic order of accusations, beginnings and groceries” – on connecting writing and improvisation

How to Make a Coconut Shell into Everything @ Trixie

Networked Collective @ Dürst Britt & Mayhew

Digging for art in The Hague

Meet iii resident Hans Beckers

KABK Graduation Show: The Female Gaze cannot be overlooked

Post-Corona with artist Katarina Petrović

Meet iii resident Pei-Ying Lin

Bert Scholten @ het resort

Message from Sofia

The Constellation – Episode 19 – The Reunion

The Constellation – Episode 18 – Aeolian

Artists in the Periphery: Florence Wild in Stockholm

The Constellation – Episode 17 – The Exorcist

The Constellation – Episode 16 – K7 Wormhole

Artists in the Periphery: Lola Díaz Cantoni in Groningen

The Constellation – Episode 15 – Ecotopia

Post-Corona with artist Daniele Formica

The Constellation – Episode 14 – ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

The Constellation – Episode 13 – Undercover

The Constellation – Episode 12 – Dub Explosion

The Constellation – Episode 11 – Fatima’s Career in Cyber

Stripped to the essence and full of experience

Bird in Flight 2020 – photohacks in Kyiv

Meet iii-residents EJTECH

The Salty Testament: an underwater experience for a rainy day

A nostalgic Generation Z…?

Black women’s voices in white (art) spaces

What do landscapes say? @ Het Nieuwe Instituut

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Nomaduma Masilela

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Rieke Vos

Stroom Invest interview / curator Melchior Jaspers

Hide Out @ De Besturing

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Navid Nuur

A Fair Share of Utopia, Nest // AltVisions Festival 2020

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Fadwa Naamna

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Youri Appelo

Stroom Invest interview / artist Alex Andropoulos

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Jeannette Slütter

Awkward Memories – Frank Mohr-graduates Bart Nijstad and Michal Kruger

Cooking Art – a conversation with Ottokaji & Melle Aussems

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Alexandra Martens Serrano

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Márton Kabai

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Kim David Bots

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Margarita Osipian

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Eline Benjaminsen

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Sona Stepanyan

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Brigitte Louter

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Gabey Tjon a Tham

The Rock Talk Project

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Minsook Kang

The Constellation – Episode 10 – The Trip

The Constellation – Episode 9 – BLIAR

Meet iii-resident Joana Chicau

The Constellation – Episode 7 – Hip Priest

The Constellation – Episode 6 – Charge of the Light Brigade

The Constellation – Episode 5 – Mar, Naima and Justine

The Constellation – Episode 4 – Lockdown

The Constellation – Episode 3 – The studio and the farm

The Constellation – Episode 2 – Art ‘n Drugs ‘n Rock ‘n Roll

The Constellation – Episode 1 – Artist and Dealer

Meet iii-resident Pelle Schilling

Meet iii-resident Jesus Canuto Iglesias

Liège. Come for the beer, stay for the scene

Monster Chetwynd @ De Pont

Factcheck: John Baldessari never existed

Meet iii-resident Budhaditya Chattopadhyay / There’s no sound that annoys me

Meet iii-resident Mischa Daams

On sound, image, and the ethereal with the founders of Itchy Tongue: Royal Music Festival

Honey-Suckle Company @ ICA London

Meet iii-resident Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri

Meet iii-resident Mario de Vega on resonance and perception

15 years of TodaysArt

LAM – Lisser Art Museum

Jessica Stockholder – Stuff Matters

A contaminated travel guide to Verona and beyond

The first five days after the contemporary weekend are always the hardest

KABK Graduation Show 2019

On collective experiences at PROJECT ID – In Between Identities

Æxchange Sofia-Haga

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Tereza Jindrová

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Joeri Woudstra

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Yasmijn Jarram

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Sjuul Joosen

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Joanna Zielińska

Stroom Invest Interviews / artist Anna Sophie de Vries

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Laila Hida

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Lydia Buijs

Stroom Invest Interviews / artist Paul de Jong

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Sandino Scheidegger

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Dewi Bekker

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Mizuki Endo

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Afra Eisma

Stroom Invest Interviews / artist Iliada Charalambous

Poppositions 2019 – Capital of Woke

Stroom Invest interviews / curator Raphael Fonseca

Stroom Invest interviews / artist Mickey Yang

Cardiac emergencies commonly occur at night

The Kitchen #19 @ Billytown

There is only one Genesis P-Orridge

New in town: Susan Bites

Soft Power Palace

Meet iii-resident Erfan Abdi

RijksakademieOPEN 2018

New attic in town: SeeLab open studios

& other things in Turin

The Others Art Fair

Berlin Art Week

New in Town: ÆTHER HAGA

New in Town: ANNASTATE

Haarlemse Herfst

Trixie – Come as you are

Meet iii-resident Philip Vermeulen

Anima Mundi

KABK Graduation Festival

HKU Exposure 2018

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #8 Maziar Afrassiabi

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #7 Laurie Rojas

Exposed KABK Fashion Show

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #6 Judith Welter

Holaa! Festival 2018

Utopia Ball x Fashion Show

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #4 Germano Dushá

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #3 Riksa Afiaty

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #2 Lieven Segers

Interview with iii Resident Nina Runa Essendrop for No Patent Pending

Who makes a profit on art, and who gains from it honestly?

Stroom Invest interviews / curator #1 James Edgar

Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović / Remote Passages

The New Reach of Ad de Jong

Nap Time

Trixie: New Kid on the Block

The Revolution Will Not Die With Us

Rachel Bacon / Unfolding Landscape

Nokia’s Tagline / The pre-graduates of KABK

iii Residency // Till Bovermann Interview

Open call workspace

iii residency // Interview Cathy van Eck

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Last Chance: Bart Hess in Den Bosch

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #9 Azar Mahmoudian

Medical Body Jewels at Galerie Ramakers

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #8 Maarten Spruyt

Opening Christie van der Haak and Elmar Trenkwalder

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #7 Thiago de Paula Souza

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #6 Carol Yinghua Lu

Folkert de Jong – Weird Science

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #5 Edward Gillman

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #4 Alejandra Labastida

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #3 Valentin Diaconov


Das Leben am Haverkamp at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #2: Geir Haraldseth

Performance at P.S.-This is Live!

Holaa!! We’ve got just the thing for you

KABK Graduation Festival 2017

In Your Living Room / Operational Process

Weekendtip: In Your Living Room is back!

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival

Interview iii resident Yuri Landman

Documenta Dialogue / Athens, Kassel and The Hague

iii resident: Davide Tidoni

Dreams and Nightmares of Europe in Maastricht

Contemporary art in Sofia

In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27

Interview Dmitry Morozov – media artist and iii resident

DISorder at The Grey Space in the Middle

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Craigie Horsefield / How the world occurs

I went to the hague and all I got was this t-shirt…

Crystal Maze

Invest Week Interview #18 Marcelo Rezende

Invest Week Interview #15 Valentinas Klimašauskas

Invest Week Interview #11 Borbála Szalai

Invest Week Interview #8: Sissel Marie Tonn