In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27

Mensbeeld – Arti

On april 21st, on the occasion of the inauguration of iii’s new production space in The Hague, No Patent Pending #27 presented new installations and performances by local artists and iii artists in residence.


In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27
Photo: Pieter Kers |

Julien Ottavi is a media activist, artist, researcher, composer, performer, poet and tongues destroyer, experimental filmmaker and founding member of Apo33 in Nantes. His work combines sound art, real-time video, new technologies and body-performance. Since 1997, he develops composition work using voice and its transformation by computers.

Jenny Pickett‘s practice crosses: sculpture, sound, drawing, video, interactivity and performance. This plurality of mediums garner layers of meaning, she often explores her subject through the influences of sound upon the gaze and vice versa, altering both sonic and visual counterparts. Pickett’s preoccupation lies at the point at which technology (new or ancient) meets the human body.

Jenny Pickett and Julien Ottavi, Medusae. Photo: Pieter Kers |

Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::)
::vtol:: is the alias of Moscow-based media artist and musician Dmitry Morozov who implements his ideas in technological art: robotics, sound art, science art. He also develops and creates experimental musical instruments and modular synthesizers.

See interview with Dmitry Morozov at Jegens & Tevens

vtol (Dmitry Morozov). Photo: Pieter Kers |

Philip Vermeulen is a young upcoming artist from The Hague currently studying at the ArtScience Interfaculty. Vermeulen discovers primary phenomena in all kinds of media; sound, light, physics, and nature. He showed his Physical Rhythm Machine. The installation is a closed system that shoots balls up to 130 kilometers per hour to create sound patterns in bitter violence. The installation cannot only be seen as an instrument, which Vermeulen can play live, as well as an autonomous system, which creates rhythms with the help of algorithms.

In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27
Philip Vermeulen, Physical Rhythm Machine. Photo: Pieter Kers |

RecPlay is an ensemble of students from the ArtScience Interfaculty led by sound artist Robert Pravda. Some of the research topics that are addressed by RecPlay are multi-player interfaces, improvisation structures, noise art, feedback in image and sound, realtime composition systems, spatial compositions and interaction with architectural elements.

RecPlay. Photo: Pieter Kers |

Fauna is a young initiative based in The Hague, creating one-night platforms presenting music, art and innovative projects. Founded to break through the boundaries of existing cultural islands, Fauna aims to outline a space where new creative forms find stage and audience.

In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27
Photo: Pieter Kers |