Rachel Bacon / Unfolding Landscape

Rachel Bacon is invited by the Cacaofabriek in Helmond to make an exhibition of her work. Instead of showing only her own work Bacon curated an exhibition by inviting other artists who have a relation with her work. The serie Emotional Landscape, made by Rachel Bacon, forms the context of this exhibition where invisible aspects of the landscape are transformed into art works.


Unfolding Landscape @Cacaofabriek Helmond. Till 04.03.2018


Rachel Bacon, Pencil 900cm long
Rachel Bacon, detail Pencil, background FaultLine I
Rachel Bacon besides her work Untitled and before Wieteke Heldens work The Legend of the Sleeping Horizon
Luci Eldridge, Tessellate 1-8
Luci Eldridge, Tessellate 1-8
Rachel Bacon / Unfolding Landscape
Catriona Leahy, Palindrome
Cathriona Leahy, part of work The veil that clouds ones eyes
Catriona Leahy, The veil that clouds ones eyes
Andrew Youngson, Lost Light
Lucy Eldridge, Untitled and Rachel Bacon, Pencil
Rachel Bacon / Unfolding Landscape
Wieteke Heldens, The Legend of the Sleeping Horizon
Rachel Bacon, FaultLine I
Catriona Leahy, Dis-Location
Rachel Bacon, Mirny
Rachel Bacon, Untitled
Rachel Bacon, Pencil