Lost in Bermuda Open Studios The Hague

Last weekend about 50 artists studios in the city centre of The Hague opened up to show new work or to give an insight in the art practice of a new generation of artists. For some, who graduated during or just before the pandemic, it was their first chance to interact with an audience. Great weather and an open attitude of the participants created an informal atmosphere with good conversations.

We started our tour at Billytown and ended the afternoon in The Balcony, with some unexpected spaces in between.

Lost in Bermuda Open Studios The Hague
Marieke van 't Zet
Kim David Bots
Melle de Boer (not participating, just working on some new canvasses)
Robbert Pauwels (working and participating)
Jia Jia Qi
Katherina Heil
Iede Reckman
Rik Möhlmann
Eline Benjaminsen & Dayna Casey
Marijn van der Leeuw
Daniel Dmyszewicz
Vlad Omelianenko
Valentino Russo
Arthur Cordier
Yannik Güldner
Ariane Toussaint
Daisy Madden-Wells
Flora Reznik