LAM – Lisser Art Museum

This new private museum, located near the Keukenhof in Lisse, dedicated to art and food is an initiative of the VandenBroek Foundation.


LAM – Lisser Art Museum
Liu Bolin

The Foundation was established by Jan van den Broek in 2008 and works to stimulate young cultural talent.
The Foundation supports a range of projects, including the Royal Concertgebouw’s Young Talent Award, De Ateliers and the educational programme of the Rijksmuseum’s Teekenschool.

Ron Mueck
Lizette Schaap
“Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, videos and digital artworks from different centuries and various movements are presented in fresh and thought-provoking ways. Each work is in some way related to food or consumption.”
LAM building
Ursula Palla

The museumbuilding is designed by architect Arie Korbee, KVDK Architecten.

Fabio Viale
Sculpture Guido Geelen
Bianca Sistermans
Alicia Framis
LAM – Lisser Art Museum
Alejandro Almanza
Itamar Gilboa
LAM – Lisser Art Museum
Marcel van Eeden
Do Ho Suh
Do Ho Suh (left) Mirjam de Zeeuw (right)
Jiao Xingtao
Katrin Korfmann
Daniel Spoerri
Andy Holden
Guy Vording
Peter Schuyff
Dolf Bausch
Katarina Belkina
LAM – Lisser Art Museum
Raul Ortega Ayala
Niek Hendrix
Beni Bischof
Joel Morrison
Andy Warhol (right)
Thomas Rentmeister
Michiel van Nieuwkerk
Yinka Shonibare
LAM – Lisser Art Museum
Yinka Shonibare

Tickets for the museum only available online.