Open call workspace

The new studio complex at Willem Dreespark 312 in Den Haag – managed by Stichting WD4X – is looking for a fourth partner. Artist run initiatives, graphic designers, architects, photographers, dancers or other creative groups: APPLY NOW!

254 m2 of workspace is waiting for you

WD4X, who or what is it?

The former school building at Willem Dreespark 312 in Den Haag is home to iii, Locatie Z and SW2 Ateliers.The three initiatives established a new umbrella organization called WD4X to exploit and run the building on a DIY basis.In collaboration with the Municipality Den Haag and Stroom Den Haag, the building has been made available to be transformed into a new vibrant artist hub, providing affordable workspaces for artists and creatives on the long term.

What does WD4X have to offer?

We offer you a space from 210 m2 up to 254 m2 for 50€/m2/year all in for artists and non commercial parties. You get a contract until February 28th, 2022. Extension for another 5 years is possible. You can design your own layout of the space. And in consultation we can offer you a budget to help you realize the renovation


Get in contact with us and present us your plan and goals, convince us why you should to be our fourth partner. Please include the following information in your proposal.

introductory profile: your background, field of practice and ambitions. Usage scenario: how you envisage your initiative would contribute to the building (what activities would take place, who other users of the building would be likely to meet as a result, etc). General requirements: amount of space, price limits, expected duration of rental etc.

For contact and further information, e-mail Matthias Koenig (chariman WD4X) at