Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival

From 5th till 9th of July the Quartair art space located in Toussaintkade 55 offers a wide performance art program. This year P.S. foundation invited the most prominent coaches to conduct the series of masterclasses dedicated to performance and the poetic in performance art.

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival

Jürgen Fritz represents IPA (International Performance Association), while BBB Johannes Deimling is the main figure of  PAS (Performance Art Studies). The two platforms introduce contrasting approaches to the live art. During the P.S. events they will share the podium and collaborate for the first time.

After the week of workshops, the central event of the festival P.S. – This is Live! The Poetic in Performance Art will take place

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival


IPA and PAS week workshop conducted by Jürgen Fritz and BBB Johannes Deimling.
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to follow a substantive performance art workshop in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are delighted to invite you to IPA – PAS.  An intensive week of masterclasses taught by the most prominent performance artists of today. IPA – PAS in the Netherlands is made for tenacious, true to their art and, preferably, experienced participants. During the full-time (7 hours) working days participants learn about performance, put their knowledge directly into practice and reflect on the process and outcomes afterwards.  Participants will also benefit from expanding their network by making valuable connections with other performers from all over the world. After four days the groups will change so the participants can benefit from both teachers.

Expanding the Hague performance art scene:

We invite 6 local artists that are already busy in the performance art scene and select 6 artist more through an open call. All this performers present their works during last-day presentation.

The open call is for every artist that can contribute to the topic of the poetic in performance.
We want to give a chance to everyone to showcase their work which means we will not take into account only your professional resume, but rather your proposal. We wish to celebrate diversity in the performance art scene of the Hague and contribute to its unique cultural environment.

Morning-after talks

Saturday and Sunday mornings will be dedicated to discussions around the topic of contemporary performance practice. These talks are also aimed at bringing closer the performer and the spectator. The performers will be given the opportunity to answer questions from interested parties or to enter into a discussion on certain issues which are raised. We want to give the public the possibility to elaborate on what they have experienced and the artists get some valuable feedback.


There will be continuous screenings of the performance works by international artists during the opening hours of Quatair space. Anyone eager to know more about performance might come and watch the video works.

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival

program / agenda

Week 1
26/06/17    – beginning IPA – PAS workshop till 03/07/17
30/06/17    – change of groups
04/07/17    – presentation workshops
05/07/17    – free day for workshop participants

Week 2
05/07/17     – daytime performances at outdoor venues invited artists
06/07/17     – in the evening performance program
07/07/17     – in the morning morning-after talks / interviews
07/07/17     – in the evening performance program
08/07/17     – in the morning morning-after talks / interviews
08/07/17     – in the evening performance program
09/07/17     – in the morning workshop for children and presentation in the afternoon

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival


The performance art will be explored from the point of view of the poetics.

How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the subject might be alluring, sensitive, soft or, on the contrary, heavy, dramatic and dark. At the same time, the poetry of the topic might be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. For the shows P.S. selected pieces where the poetic is reflected in a deep personal approach and the most sincere means of expression.

The participants of these year activities (selected artists) are:

BBB Johannes Deimling (DE), Heekyung Ryu (KOR), Ieke Trinks (NL), Jolijn de Wolf (NL), Jürgen Fritz (DE), Larysa Bauge (BLR), Linde Gadellaa (NL), Maarten Bel (NL), Michael Barrett (US), Nina Wijnmaalen (NL), Roos Hoffmann (NL), Sarah Atzori (IT), Somer Meijer (NL), Sonja B Berg en Illias Liosatos (FR), Teddy May de Kock (NL), Topp & Dubio (NL), Yvette Teeuwen (NL).

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