Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović / Remote Passages

In Remote Passages, emerging artists Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović use technology in their works. In the case of Muižule to deconstruct images into words, and in the case of Petrović to deconstruct words into images. Remote Passages is the third exhibition in SeeLab’s The Story Within and Beyond project, which explores how narratives emerge through the use of various media.

Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović / Remote Passages
Artist Katarina Petrović explains how she uses her Lexicon Liber Novus algorithms to create visual signs used in her Diagram #02.

Petrović spoke about her work in depth at an artist talk at SeeLab last Sunday. A presentation by Muižule will likely take place at the exhibit’s closing on April 22.

A line from J.L. Borges’s “Two English Poems” formed the foundation of Petrović’s Lexicon Liber Novus. She created a program to define eight words of text – “we talked and you have forgotten the words” – and then defined each word within each definition. The program worked for seven days, resulting in the behemoth cube-like book of the Lexicon, which contains definitions for more than 47.000 words.

Petrović then used her created Lexicon to create binary diagrams that present the words within the Lexicon in a visual form. She also wrote a program that interprets the radio-waves emitted by Jupiter into textual poetry using words within the Lexicon. These can also be experienced at Remote Passages.

Petrović used an algorithm to generate this cube-shaped book, Lexicon Liber Novus...
...and she wrote a program that interprets Jupiter's radio-waves into textual poetry using her Lexicon Liber Novus.

Muižule was trained as a photographer. Her work now explores the textual nature of images, as illustrated in her installation Caption, which displays the textual nature of an image, instead of an image itself. She also created a series of ‘tapestries’ by inputting words for emotions into a stock image website. Each pixel is an image that represents the emotion; this is representational of a return to more simplistic forms of expression, when images, rather than words, are used to form our identities.

Annija Muižule's installation The Harvest includes words 'uttered' on a screen.
Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović / Remote Passages
Annija Muižule explores the textual nature of visual imagery in her Captions installation.
Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović / Remote Passages
A close-up of Annija Muižule tapestry series, Surprise.

View The Story Within and Beyond, Part III: Remote Passages at SeeLab, Duinstraat 55.

Friday through Sunday from 14.00-17.00 through April 22.