The Kitchen #19 @ Billytown

Billytown is an artist-run-gallery located in the center of The Hague and was founded in 2003. Billytown hosts sixteen studios, a guest studio, the gallery, the Bookshop, and The Kitchen, which is a process-oriented project space with flexible programming. For The Kitchen #19, Billytown invited emerging artists Katrein Breukers and Lily Lanfermeijer to create a combined presentation.

Billytown is a hybrid space for art, which combines the commercial side of running a gallery with the identity of an artist initiative, producing and exhibiting artworks from under one roof. It functions as a platform to meet, exchange, experience, discuss and develop. Billytown also curates exhibitions at other initiatives as well as participating at art fairs.

The Kitchen is a seperate space in which artists are experimenting with the form of their presentations. Here are some impressions of the current exhibition by Katrein Breukers and Lily Lanfermeijer.

The Kitchen #19: Katrein Breukers and Lily Lanfermeijer on show until 1 March 2019 at Billytown, The Hague.