Stroom Invest interview / artist Catherine Biocca

Catherine Biocca (b. 1984 in Rome, lives and works in Berlin) graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2013 and received her postgraduate/residency program at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, during 2014-2015.

Stroom Invest interview / artist Catherine Biocca

Cybil Scott – What are you currently working on?

Catherine Biocca – Currently I am looking forward to getting back to my studio and continue with my research after a long time of traveling and working for shows in the past months. Currently I am working on the notion of fear and of solidarity and how these two ideas can interact on a formal level. This surely sounds a bit abstract at the moment, since I am quite at the beginning of this research stage.

Stroom Invest interview / artist Catherine Biocca
details of the installation “Infinity Pool”, 2019 @ polansky gallery


What intrigues you about bringing different textures together in your work, as well as different “realities” like painting, photography, video print, or sculptural installations?

Creating an immersive environment is an exciting idea to me, since it leaves many options open in terms of formal decisions as well as concerning the modularity of the content of the work. Following this thought I try to arrange different media within a structure of one storyline. In this way a sort of para- reality comes into existence and leads the viewer away of the actual parameters of reality, creating a new experience of observation and perception considering shapes, forms or words from a slightly shifted point of view.

details of the installation “Infinity Pool”, 2019 @ polansky gallery
'Complexity Cost' (2019) vinyl floor sticker, vinyl matt emulsion, PVC banner, video, industry marker on PVC, hand-carved travertine. Installation view

Do you consider yourself post-medium?

I don’t think I can relate to this expression.

What’s your artistic philosophy or mantra?

I am very concerned about the upcoming death of close and loved ones.

How do you bring your background into your work?

Surely all of us are influenced by where we grew up, what we studied and read, who we met etc. In my case I am not sure I can define much of this past experiences connected to my work, but one obvious part is my previous BA in political sciences.


Stroom Invest interview / artist Catherine Biocca
'Complexity Cost' (2019) vinyl floor sticker, vinyl matt emulsion, PVC banner, video, industry marker on PVC, hand-carved travertine. Installation view

What is something that fascinates you about the absurdity of the everyday?

The success of systems like Netflix.

What’s your most treasured possession?

I would like to possess a big house in the countryside with a lot of hectares of cultivated land, if this counts as optimistic planning for future possessions.

Is it important to have a sense of humor when making art?

Sense of humor makes people more elegant overall in life.

Which artists affected your way of thinking about art (or life), either dead or alive?

Oh, this is a complicated question, since it always is updated with new or recent encounters or memory refreshing episodes. If I have to sum up at this very moment, I would certainly mention the activist Franco Bifo Berardi, the filmmaker and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini as well as the author and partisan Renata Vignano´. From the field of visual arts I can mention what I recently saw or remembered in some ways: Cady Noland, Frances Stark and Douglas Gordon.

Is there any kind of art that makes you angry or fearful?

I guess in that case you don’t really consider it art.

What have you seen lately that really blew your mind?

I recently saw the beautiful frescos in the Cappella dei magi in the church of San Petronio in Bologna, also worth mentioning. Maybe as funky conclusion I can mention one of the most impressive works I ever saw by Martin Kippenberger “Ich gehe in den Birkenwald dean mine Pillen wirken bald.”

Stroom Invest interview / artist Catherine Biocca
‘jetzt gehe ich in den birkenwald, denn meine pillen wirken bald’ installation by martin kippenberger installation image © designboom

What do you hope to gain from doing Stroom Invest week?

The Stroom Invest week will be an interesting time, since it brings naturally together a multitude of people connected to the art world with different backgrounds and experiences. Particularly I am sure it will be interesting to meet younger artists and their working practices during studio visits, since for me it is always an enriching moment to either give or receive a studio visit revealing new working perspectives and professional aspects.


In a collaboration between Jegens & Tevens and Stroom Den Haag a series of interviews will be published with (inter)national curators, artists and critics participating in Stroom’s Invest Week 2019.

The Invest Week is an annual 4-day program for artists who were granted the PRO Invest subsidy. This subsidy supports young artists based in The Hague in the development of their artistic practice and is aimed to keep artists and graduates of the art academy in the city of The Hague. In order to give the artists an extra incentive, Stroom organizes this week that consists of a public evening of talks, a program of studio visits, presentations and a number of informal meetings. The intent is to broaden the visibility of artists from The Hague through future exhibitions, presentations and exchange programs. The Invest Week 2019 will take place from 17 to 21 June.