Artist Sean Cornelisse creates a one-man department at the Sandberg Institute

Artist Sean Cornelisse creates a one-man department at the Sandberg Institute
"The Original & Best"

Fed up with how things were going in his MA program at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, artist Sean Cornelisse decided to break from the herd by creating his own one-man department. He calls it Department Dissident and its subsequent newspaper, Courant Dissident.

Sean says:

“I initiated the idea around the time the Catalunya referendum was in the news and it got me thinking. I was mainly annoyed by the cosmopolitan and egocentric “hummus on the carrot stick” ambience of contemporary students and artists. I think in these changing times artists MUST be engaged and have freedom, but that it also comes with responsibility. My gut feeling collaborated and concluded that I should start a one-man department.

Department Dissident is a a psycho-sociological attempt to identify the status quo, deconstruct it, and when necessary, ridicule it in its triangular field of tension (arts, politics and ethics). Before joining the temporary master Reinventing Daily Life in September 2016, I studied Criminology at the University of Leiden and Art History at VU Amsterdam. Reinventing Daily Life at the Sandberg Institute was originally initiated to explore the possibilities of how art could play a more decisive role within the daily lives of the public, without reducing the autonomy of the artist, the work or the institute. During my time in the course, it gradually became clear to me that a more radical approach was needed to tackle such broad questions. Therefore, I decided to push the controversial idea of starting a one-man department with its own independent communication form that will manifest itself in the upcoming issue of Courant Dissident.

This approach to my study has brought me to where I am now; I myself have to fill an alternative route in my course. I am autonomous, but still in a collaborative environment.”

Sean is now in the phase of finding collaborations, and will organize two screenings at the Vondelbunker in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome beginning @ 20:00 on March 29.