Digital Agora @ KABK


Terms and Conditions by Floris Schermerhorn

Students of the Alternative Learning Tank at the Interactive/Media/Design department of the Royal Academy of Art presented their exhibition with 20 projects reflecting critical perspectives on how technology and internet affect our contemporary lives.

Digital Agora explores critical questions affecting digital civil rights, social protocols in online interactions, surveillance, privacy, post-digital culture, creative commons, copyleft and hacktivism. Different approaches surrounding the ideas of the Digital Agora are placed together in this exhibition curated by Manuel Beltrán and Pawel Pokutycki, both artists and educators of the Alternative Learning Tank.


Rated 1 star and flagged for stupid content by Leonard Vonk Noordegraaf

From the back of a graffiti-ed locker, 15 soundtracks are simultaneously emitted containing uncomfortable subject matter. A recording of a woman calls 911 for help on the top of the fated towers on September 11. Depending on which recording you listen to, you probably won’t want to hear another one. Or perhaps you will. This piece illustrates our dark obsessions with accessing things that should remain unheard or unseen by the majority of the public, but remain easily available via the internet.


I Am Not What I Am by Mateusz Grymel

A real time collaging of Facebook images using the profiles of the participating artists in the show. Mateusz Grymel assimilated the identities of the artists onto himself, thereby becoming only a projection- a ‘nobody’.



Reflective Resistance by Johanna Hammer

A ‘tool’ created in response to mass surveillance. This umbrella turns the camera’s spying view back onto itself, allowing the individual who uses it to shift power structures, and regain control of their own image.


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