Synesthesia @ Tasteful Turntable

Tasteful Turntable is a sensuous performance that explores the sense-interference between music and gastronomy.

An intimate setting at a mysterious table takes place with four individuals in a delightful 30 minute meeting between the audio and culinary. A specially engineered table rotates peculiar looking bites of food on handcrafted plateware while the participants privately listen to the same programmed soundscape.

A Portrait of a Carrot

While wearing headphones, the participants simultaneously take an item and put it into their mouth when cued by the lights. The cohesive experience joins everyone together, but the internal experience taking place in the mouth and ears transports the participant to another setting within the mind’s eye.

Lars and Nikolaj Kynde

Lars and Nikolaj Kynde

Think of it as adding a synesthetic spice to your food. I found myself in the forest and by the sea. I wish the experience lasted longer, but I have a feeling that this performance is only to grow in success, size and complexity as more people find out how incredible it is!

Make sure to take part in future performances! For more information on the project check the Tasteful Turntable website.


Lars and Nikolaj Kynde
(Concept, Composition and design)

Mette Martinussen and Augusta Sørensen
(Chef, Food composition)

Giulia Crispiani
(Porcelain design)