Artist/Curator Speed Dating @ Quartair


During the Relations in Form- Beyond the Border exhibition at Quartair, artist Hannes Egger arranged a public performance of ‘speed dating’ between curators and artists. Egger is interested in the interactions inside public space sharing, and used the set-up of a speed date as an activation, or prompt for an exchange between two people.

Hannes Eggar

Hannes Egger, Photo credit Simon Perathoner

The concept behind the Relations in Form exhibition needs to be mentioned as hanger for Egger’s performance. The participating nine artists of the exhibition are all from the South Tyrol region (The north-east province of Italy on the Italian/Austrian border). The artworks in the show brought attention to some personal kind of relation/reaction towards the South Tyrolean environment.

For Egger’s performance, four spots were set up inside Quartair using two facing chairs, marked by a sticker on the floor with the name of a specific Tyrolean mountain, providing the symbol for a metaphorical meeting place. The participating artists and five curators were not exactly rotated, but every ten minutes a switch occurred, allowing for the artists to choose at least two curators to chat with.The performance took nearly two hours. Afterwards a Tyrolean meal was prepared for everyone in the space.

Curators Nico Fragnoli and Clara

Photo credit Simon Perathoner

The real food of the matter though, was in the ten minutes of discussion between the two parties. Humorously, questions and aspects between dating and professional art scenarios do find themselves entwined here:

Will the artist touch on his most important and attractive attributes and ideas?
Do they have anything to offer each other?
Does the other person find them interesting and likeable?
Could either party be a financial asset to the other?
Should they actually avoid politics and religion, or is it a green light in this situation?

Surely, ten minutes is never really enough to talk to anyone thoroughly, but it does provide initial impressions and condenses thoughts and ideas into consumable bites. Will any of the artists and curators embark on a professional relationship together in the future?

Perhaps some sparks flew.

More information about the artist Hannes Egger and the Relations in Form exhibition.

Participating curators:
Jaring Durst Britt
Camilla Martinelli
Angela Serino
Alice Smits
Clara Pallí Monguilod with Nico Feragnoli