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Nokia’s Tagline / The pre-graduates of KABK

Paranormal Pop Culture

iii Residency // Till Bovermann Interview

Open call workspace

iii residency // Interview Cathy van Eck

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

iii Residency // Bosch and Simons Interview

Last Chance: Bart Hess in Den Bosch

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #9 Azar Mahmoudian

Medical Body Jewels at Galerie Ramakers

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #8 Maarten Spruyt

Opening Christie van der Haak and Elmar Trenkwalder

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #7 Thiago de Paula Souza

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #6 Carol Yinghua Lu

Folkert de Jong – Weird Science

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #5 Edward Gillman

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #4 Alejandra Labastida

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #3 Valentin Diaconov


Das Leben am Haverkamp at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Stroom Invest Interviews / Curator #2: Geir Haraldseth

Performance at P.S.-This is Live!

Holaa!! We’ve got just the thing for you

KABK Graduation Festival 2017

In Your Living Room / Operational Process

Weekendtip: In Your Living Room is back!

Performance Art Program in the Hague / workshops and festival

Interview iii resident Yuri Landman

Documenta Dialogue / Athens, Kassel and The Hague

iii resident: Davide Tidoni

Dreams and Nightmares of Europe in Maastricht

Contemporary art in Sofia

In case you weren’t there: No Patent Pending #27

Interview Dmitry Morozov – media artist and iii resident

Tropical Fealing / Jan Brokof

DISorder at The Grey Space in the Middle

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Craigie Horsefield / How the world occurs

I went to the hague and all I got was this t-shirt…

Crystal Maze

Benjamin A. H. Harpsøe: On technology and spirituality

Invest Week Interview #18 Marcelo Rezende

Invest Week Interview #15 Valentinas Klimašauskas

Invest Week Interview #11 Borbála Szalai

Invest Week Interview #8: Sissel Marie Tonn