#Weekendtip Typography @Rotterdam

Graph for Kelvin by Iede Reckman

‘Typography is a work with an open form, something having a specific modifiable shape without losing its meaning. This readability, something I would like to avoid calling ‘essence’, is also something constructed. Therefore this formal construction can be pulled, pushed or broken, being merged into the background or inside different compositions. Here, sign is considered as a real thing instead of an abstract idea.’ -Michal Novotný


The Czech Centre in Rotterdam, in cooperation with centers for contemporary art Futura Praha and Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam, will be hosting an exhibition reflecting views on typography, featuring a few artists from the Hague.

Called simply ´Typography´, the exhibition will interlink Czech and Dutch art and design and is curated by Michal Novotný.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos and other installations will be on display by Tomáš Absolon, Jan Brož, Richard Nikl, Jan Adriaans, Alice Nikitinová, Martin Kohout, Martin Lukáč, Marius Lut, David Krňanský, Iede Reckman, Ewoud van Rijn, Nik Timková and Dennis Vaderbroeck.

When:   January 14th – February 13th 2015. Where:  Czech Centre Rotterdam, Westersingel 9